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Supplier Services

How can I help you?

I make it easier for suppliers in the Pharmaceutical Sector to achieve strategic alliances of trust and reduce the risks inherent in international sales operations.

Relationship Marketing

Today more than ever, establishing relationships of trust is the most fundamental part of business, and Relationship Marketing is based on trust.

Commercial Representation

I support companies as a consultant, intermediary or internal collaborator. I provide the necessary special skills to communicate and manage worldwide sales and purchase operations.

Market Analysis

Through the analysis of markets I detect opportunities in any international sales market.

Personalized Advice on International Trade

I design and execute business plans tailored to my clients' needs, and verify the reliability of my external collaborators.

Regulatory Affairs

I manage the legal procedures with the competent health authorities in each country.

What benefits will you get from working with me?

I take charge of researching, identifying, verifying, contrasting, comparing, and analyzing economic feasibility, coordinating and clarifying doubts and advising on how to solve problems.


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